does anybody know who this character is?

Professor Irony

Tried asking a few folk I thought might have had an inkling, but no good suggestions as yet.

My initial guess was that it looked like a drawing by someone like Gerald Scarfe or Ralph Steadman, but it doesn’t seem to tie in with any films they were involved with, as far as I’m aware.


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Thanks for your input Prof Irony!
Yeah it's seems to be a hard one to pin down! Did put It on quora but o joy!

For some reason I think my dad said it was some experimental work by Terry Moore.. Of "strangers in paradise" fame.. He brought a lot off him back in the day and had what seemed to be a personal correspondence with him or perhaps his wife who at the time was running the business side.. For some reason I thought he told me he had persuaded him to sell/give him some sketches of this new project as he had bought so much as was a mega fan... I asked Terry personally via email and pictures but he said it was nothing to do with him.. It may well have been a brush off though.. I'm sure it was Moore... Humm can't have been Alan Moore.. He was an Alan Moore mega fan too...