Dennis Hopper has died

Genkina Hito

AUKN Staff
Dennis Hopper has died.

He's an interesting case. He has been in genuinely great movies like Rebel Without a Cause, Blue Velvet, Easy Rider, Cool Hand Luke, Apocalypse Now and True Romance. He directed great film in the form of Colors. Hell, even his turn in Speed was memorable.

Unfortunately I watched him in a lot of clunkers – Space Truckers, Waterworld, Super Mario Bros.…

Sadly, the last thing I saw him in was the Orange Wednesday ads in my favourite cinema.

I think I’ll remember him as being an adventurous artist (you would have to be adventurous to be in Super Mario Bros.) – the films, the collaborations with Gorillaz and Andy Warhol.

Dennis Hopper R.I.P.


School Idol
I really enjoyed 'Pennies from Heaven' and 'Rebel Without A Cause' (oh great J. Dean of the "stare at your shoelaces school of acting"). Mind you, poor ol' Hopper never looked healthy, in my opinion.

Yet another nail in the coffin of quality entertainment!