DBZ Kai Theme Tune / Dragon Ball


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DBZ Kai Theme Tune (English):
Well I'll start by saying I really disliked the theme tune at 1st but it grew on me and now I love it but does anyone know why Funimation decided to use different singers? Its very annoying, especially since the version on part 1 is pretty good, part 2 is poor and 3rd is same as what Kix were using (probably the best version). Not actually started watching Part 3 yet though, so still to hear the other parts properly (did have a quick check however).

Dragon Ball:
Absolutely loving Kai, so I wanna know more about the history and tempted to get this but can anyone recommend it? With me watching Kai there's no filler (which I like) so bit worried because Dragon Ball will have it.

I will say though that i am also hoping Manga UK Release it, so bit tempted to wait and see if they do first.

Does anyone think they might Kai Dragon Ball?


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The original Dragon Ball is quite different from Z. It was more comedy centred with some fights here and there. While evolving, the story started to be more and more serious and focused on fights. It started being a comedy take on the Goku myth (the style was much similar to Arale and dr Slump) and ended up with the style that was used through all Z. There aren't much fillers on the original, plus most fights are not dragged long and looong and loooooooooong as in Z, so it's really unlikely they'll ever make a kai version. The original is a series that started with a certain style and ended up with something pretty different, while Z is just a continuous rehash of the last arc of the original.
As far as I'm concerned, I much prefer the first half of the original. I find Z to be a bit boring, with all its retelling the same story over and over, just with power-ups.