Daylight Savings


School Idol
I didn't change the clock on my phone before so now its right again. Strangely though its an additional 8 minutes too slow. I don't know how that happened :s


I am fortunate enough to have a radio-controlled clock. I needn't worry about the exact dates of these clock adjustment days: I merely adjust my self-timing clocks to match the radio one whenever I notice a discrepancy between them.

evangelion rocks

Vampire Ninja
Funnily enough it actually got me pretty good this year because of expo.Me and my friends were hanging out in our hotel room after midnight watching Q.I after the saturday night party when we checked the clocks,only to find that for some reason it was an hour earlier than expected.Due to our tiredness,none of us realised why until Sunday morning^_^;.


ayase said:
Maxon said:
The clocks change twice per year, every year. How come people still forget?
I don't think people forget the fact that it happens, they just forget when.
Yeah but you'd think since it's such a frequent occurrence they'd think "Oh it's the last week of October. I should check when the clocks change".


Baka Ranger
Michael McIntyre does a good job of explaining the hysteria surrounding this, IIRC. On another note, I refuse to manually update my PS3's time. It should hurry up and just let the internet inside it today so it can change.