Dattebayo's bad attempt at humour.


Straw Hat Pirate
[Confirmed untrue]

If true this is unbelievable...


Baltimore, MD USA
Sat Jul 21, 2007 11:10PM EDT

Today at 5:57PM five members of the Dattebayo staff were arrested at the Baltimore Convention Center as they prepared for their panel as part of the Otakon Convention. Four uniformed police officers, along with legal counsel of a complaintent company, approached the stage shortly before the presentation was to begin. Witnesses said that along with the arrest, the officers seized the laptop of one of the group members, which was intended to be used for presentation purposes.

The officers, as well as the lawyers, would not respond to media inquires regarding the reason for these arrests beyond stating that they stemmed from the illegal reproduction of copyrighted works.

The panel, which was originally called "Fansubbing/Manga Scanlation" was recently renamed to "Dattebayo Fansubbing". Experts speculate that this may have alerted authorities to the location of the group members and left an opportunity for this course of action.

Witness reactions varied including one Richard Sequoa who said, "I just can't believe something like this could happen at our convention." Another witness, a Judy Hibertson, said, "I'm glad. This is what they get for their constant trolling. It's just not funny!"

When asked to comment, group member Interacti said, "I've been told by my lawyer not to say anything because of the sensitive nature of legal matters however this has been a trying experience and I'm glad my new cell-mate "Spikes" has been there to comfort me."

Update: July 23, 2007 - Good news, the arraignment was rescheduled on short notice for early this morning. Naturally the staff plead not guilty. It just got done and the staff was released on bail. Pre-trial will be in two weeks. When asked for comment interactii had this to say, "<interactii> MY ass is kinda soar". The staff is very grateful for the support that we've received via the feedback and chat room.

Update: July 24, 2007 - This afternoon state police arrived at the homes of several of the staff members who were arrested in Baltimore this last weekend. There they exercised a warrant to search and seize any electronic devices with the ability to copy, modify or redistribute audio and/or video media of a copyrighted nature. As such, several computers, hard drives, and even a few VCRs were seized during evidence collection. This has proven especially hard on one of the staff members who operates a home business and utilized their computer daily in that operation.

Update: July 26, 2007 - Late this afternoon, following the earlier searches of several staff members' homes, the state police arrived at the homes of the remaining members who had been arrested in Baltimore this last weekend. However, when they arrived at the home of one of the staff members they were surprised to find that the member had removed all the hard drives from his computer and they now lay in pieces in a garbage bag. Frustrated officers then began to yell at that staff member and accused him of destroying evidence. When the staff member met their response with silence they decided to take him into custody. Family members looked on in shock as they tasered this individual repeatedly despite him not fighting back. Suddenly, the staff member began to convulse on the floor. Doctors would later say that the individual had suffered an epileptic seizure, possibly resulting from the repeated tasering. Officers claim they then mistook these convulsions for an attempt at escape and one of the officers fired his firearm, injuring the individual. The injured staff member, in handcuffs, was later transported to a local hospital where he is now in critical condition in the ICU. The member's identity is not being revealed, on the request of his family. The staff member's lawyer has already been contacted regarding this incident. More details are sure to follow, and we will attempt to keep this story updated as details are forthcoming.

July 27, 2007 - This morning at 02:43, Dattebayo staff member ImpSyn, also known as David Pryor, age 29, was pronounced dead. His death comes following a gunshot injury inflicted by a state police officer during the execution of a search and seizure warrant on his home yesterday afternoon.

David owned and operated a small website design company out of his home. He leaves a wife and two children, ages 5 and 3 respectively. ImpSyn recently joined our staff when we were recruiting for an opening in the finish editor position. Despite only having worked on a few episodes of our popular releases, he was eager to meet us and join in on the panel at Otakon this year.

His family initially requested that his identity not be given on this website, however in light of recent events they have reversed that decision. Currently his funeral arrangements are in planning. David's lawyer has been updated regarding this issue and has assured us that appropriate legal action will be taken, however at this time additional details cannot be released.

Refer to Dattebayo for details.


Pokémon Master
:lol::lol::lol: thanks for the laugh. It's Dattebayo, renowned for thier pranks.

It didn't happen, DO NOT TYPE LONG POSTS ABOUT WHY THIS IS WRONG. Mainly because you'll be wasting your time.


Thousand Master
If true one part shocked, one part unsurprised. The shocked part is due to the death of a fansubber, one of those marvellous people that many of us rely on to watch a lot of our animé. The unsurprised part is due from the crack down on fansubbers people arrests are highly likely, but the death was an unfortunate accident (compounded by trigger happy cops).


Pokémon Master
hopeful_monster said:
If true one part shocked, one part unsurprised. The shocked part is due to the death of a fansubber, one of those marvellous people that many of us rely on to watch a lot of our animé. The unsurprised part is due from the crack down on fansubbers people arrests are highly likely, but the death was an unfortunate accident (compounded by trigger happy cops).

Thankfully it's false.


Ghost of Animes
This does sound like a classic Dattebayo trolling, but you can never be too sure. Something must have happened at Otakon to kick-start this whole thing; I suspect their panel got blocked and now they are trying to reclaim some credibility. To be honest, you have to question the sanity of a group like Dattebayo trying to run a panel in the first place, it's not as though they are some small time group subbing Hokuto no Ken, they are a nigh-on professional outfit churning out uber-popular anime under 24 hrs after it airs in Japan.


Magical Girl
I doubt its true, I’ve never quite got Dattebayo. They've always struck me as weird but whatever. I don't think a police officer would shoot somebody who was being arrested for copyright infringement as its a crime yes, but only worth a couple of years in prison if found guilty at most.
Something might have happened but its either not true or greatly exaggerated.... :lol:


Death Scythe
Another load of crap from these people. Their 'jokes' get bigger and bigger every time :/
It's a shame they can't do a good quality fansub though isn't it ;)


Magical Girl
Nyu said:
I just feel sorry for the people who fall for it and get angry over nothing.

Yes that could lead to some embarrassing stuff. :lol:
But potentially it also has the ability to lead to some rather bad situations :?


Baka Ranger
FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. It's from Dattebayo. DON'T Believe it!

Honestly, one day some bad **** is gonna happen to them and no one is going to believe them.


Death Scythe
I hope some bad **** does happen to them. If any fansubber will get sued, it'll be them, then they won't be laughing. They bring shame to the anime community. If something were to happen to them, maybe a good fansub group would pick up their projects.


Concidering that Bleach has gone to hell as well as Naruto Shipuden, I guess that now they have all this time on thier hands, they have to do somthing stupid.