Damn you Fox!!!!


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Just found out they went and cancelled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles which I think is a very stupid thing to do after season 2 was so much better than the 9 ep season 1 and ending it on a huge cliffhanger that will now never be resolved :x I would've thought the release of Terminator Salvation ment anything Terminator related was atleast still popular and profitable but I guess I'm wrong again, atleast they've not cancelled Dollhouse yet though I don't see that making it to it's planned 5th season.


I watched the pilot for this and thought it was pretty awful which made me leave it on the sidelines for a while. I've seen a few episodes nearing the end of the first season and thought the quality of the show had really picked up somewhat since the pilot but it still wasn't something I'd be interested in watching every week. More like if it's on then I probably won't turn over.

What's odd though is that I thought the series was doing pretty well in the states and generally received a good critical reception. In any case it's certainly more watchable than some of FOX's other shows though I guess it's more expensive to produce. Now I know it's ended on a cliffhanger though I can't really be bothered picking it up again to know it's not going anywhere. Shame, I guess. I wish networks would have the decency to let them conclude stories before they can the series completely.


It appears that it has been terminated.

I though I'd try and lighten the mood by means of a pun. Here's hoping it succeeded. Regardless, I assume Fox will be receiving quite a few complaints, considering the current popularity of the franchise.


It does seem like an odd move. Even if the series was dwindling in the ratings you'd think they'd try and do something to bring recognition to the series and feed off the hype of Salvation. A TV movie special or something but these executives work in mysterious ways.


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It got canceled ages ago, while sad, it ended with a bang! It got absolutely terrible ratings, though (1.3 audience share or something on average). They gave it a fantastic, fantastic chance to gain an audience (19 million on the pilot) but sadly it didn't. It was on Mondays for ages, then I guess, it didn't do awfully bad on the friday night death slot when it came back, but Dollhouse done better, slightly (yay!).

Personally, I loved the show, even if it was pretty bad mid season 2. I'm definately one of the T:TSSC fanboys. Seeing Salvation made me miss Summer Glau that little bit more (Glad she'll be popping up in Dollhouse) Also, I suppose you've read Josh Friedman's blog post about the cancellation.

Dollhouse only got renewed on a bet on Joss Whedon, said Kevin Reilly, the main FOX TV guy. Plus, its not made by Warner Bros, like Terminator was, its done by FOX meaning they'll get all the DVD profits (since Joss' work sells extremely well on DVD).