Custom dolls my second passion!


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Hope you don't mind me plugging this website!! I'm sure a few of you know I collect and customise Japanese dolls?? this is my favourite Japanese doll customiser website, my dream is to one day be this good :D When I finish some more of my dolls I'd like to set up a website too :wink:

Although it's all in Japanese, if anyone fancies a look, just click on the links and it'll take you to 3 different pages full of more links to beautiful dolls :D

P.S. thought I'd just add that the dolls are hand painted, hand rooted hair and mostly handmade clothing!!


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Wow those are beautiful ! :D
While I dont customize dolls I have a small but occasionally growing collection of china dolls mostly from Europe.
Interesting website, thanks for letting us see your second passion :D


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Hovis! said:
The question is, what's your third passion? :D :wink: :)

Quaint :twisted:

Don't forget we are talking non living, breathing passions! as my first true passion are my kids :mrgreen:

I don't think I have a third one, as I'm a very boring person with an extremely dull life :cry: :lol:

Another quick link to the Volks Lost Angels website, these are the dolls I collect that are already completed :D

BTW Catalina is my latest find!!