Currency vs Brexit: GBP Losses

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I don't believe I said Corbyn was some kind of Stalinists monster, I was actually implying that he was a delusional egotistical maniac, who has spent his life praising the likes of Marx, Mao, Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky.

Also surrounding himself with yes men like John McDonnell (who is a open Marxist) and allowing the harassment of none corbynite mps shows that he isn't open to views that go against his crazy socialist doctrine.


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I'd like to propose that this thread be locked.

It's been a very long time since it last served its actual purpose. Even the already tangential discussion of Brexit has become a minor subject compared to tangents of the tangent. Or people trolling.

I was originally thinking of proposing that the thread be left open but only for relevant posts, but soon realised that this would just mean people would make relevant posts based on false or dubious claims and others wouldn't be able to challenge these as the act of doing so would itself revert the thread back to its current state.

Perhaps the thread could be reopened in the event of a brexit-related event having a further significant impact on the exchange rates in either direction. But unless that happens, which I don't personally see as particularly likely over the next few months at least, there's little chance of any relevant discussion happening here.

If people want a thread to discuss Corbyn then they can have a separate thread for that.
Not open for further replies.