Crunchyroll Announces Price Reduction for Monthly Memberships


Za Warudo
Good to see the price come down in the UK, no price reduction for Ireland though it was already €4.99/€6.49 per month and €39.99/€64.99 per year for the premium Fan/Mega Fan packages which makes it still significantly cheaper than the new UK prices.


I'll be honest, I don't think I've ever seen a subscription service "reduce" their pricing, so huge respect on Crunchyroll for that move.

On a side note, I wish they had an easier system to change our subscription tier (I want to change from a Fan membership to the Mega-Fan membership), Right now, all I can really do is cancel my current subscription and wait for it to finish, or contact Crunchyroll directly - which feels extrememly unnecessary for something that should be so simple to do.