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Crashb648's Stuff for Sale


Brigade Leader
Hello there!

Here is loads of stuff I’ve currently got on sale. I would rather sell things to people on here, knowing it will go to a good home.
> I prefer to ship to the UK, but if someone would like to buy something overseas, you’ll have to point me in the right direction!
> Prices aren’t including postage, but depending on the number of items you wish to buy, we can work something out.
> Open to offers, especially if buying more than one item.

Blu-Ray For Sale:
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Collectors Edition) No Artbook - £8

Arrow Boxset (Seasons 1-4) - £15
Arrow Season 5 - £10
Agents of SHIELD Season 1 - £12
Pacific Rim - £5
Suicide Squad (Sealed) - £5
Monsters Inc (with Collectable Art Sleeve) - £6
Finding Nemo (with Collectable Art Sleeve) (Sealed) -£6

DVD for Sale:
The Place Promised in Our Early Days (DVD) - £8
Arakawa Under the Bridge Seasons 1-2 (DVD) - £15
Pokemon: I Choose You (Sealed) + Pokemon: The First Movie (DVD) - £6
5 Centimers Per Second (DVD) - £5

Batman (1989) - £2
Watchmen - £2
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 - £3
The Matrix - £2

Video Games for sale:
Spider-Man 3 (Collectors Edition) (Plays fine but case is a little grubby) - £5
Spider-Man: Edge of Time (PS3) - £5
Lots of Skylanders on sale too, PM for details.
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