Cosplay Ideas for london Expo

Who should i cosplay as, at the london expo

  • Anna from Shaman King

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  • Selphie From Final Fantasy 8

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  • Luffy from Onepiece

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  • Hitomi from Dead or Alive 3

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  • Rinoa's Yellow Dress from Final Fantasy 8

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  • Cassidy from Pokemon (Team rocket)

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  • some Cat girl

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  • Chii

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Dandy Guy, in Space
Ok who do u think i shoud cosplay as?? !!
Im confuzzed :?

i think the rinoa, anna and Selphie would eb the easiest ones coz there coustumes dont contain much.


Stand User
Anna from Shaman King would be dead easy. A plain shortish black dress, wedge type sandals, a red head scarf and blue bead necklace - simple!
Hitomi from Dead Or Alive 3 (ignoring that she's my fave character!) it would be cheap and easy to do.
Throw on some jeans and wear red gloves. You would probably need to do a bit of work for the emblem on her top but - let's not forget the all important pink alice band! :)


Pokémon Master
I voted for Chi as i think it could look pretty good, would have voted for Shaman King, but i don't like Anna, though as Miaka-chan says it would be very easy

Apple Bun

Thousand Master
Ive made loads of Anna costumes before the hardest parts really are finding the matiral 4 the scarf and the beads ive ended up getting a long role of red matiral from a werehouse to use now but the beads i brought of ebay ..i dident see how else i could find them really..


Dandy Guy, in Space
I will Probs make another poll co zi have more ideas now and i might make up a design for the cat girl i dea. anyone got any simple ideas for that!! :D coz i aint! :mrgreen: