Cool Idea: Monthly Anime+Manga+Merch club


Hay guys,

I was thinking of setting up a monthly club in the UK.

Basically, you subscribe to the club, pay a membership fee and once a month a cool little package drops on your doorstep with a new DVD/BlueRay, manga, and a cool piece of merch (T-shirt, plushie, action-figure, cosplay jewelry etc etc...)

There would be an online forum to discuss what you thought and exchange reviews, and special events at Cons, where club members can get free gifts if they show up and say hello!

So, some questions:

Would you join?
If so, how much do you think the membership fee should be?
Any thoughts on the idea?

Hopefully if the maths works out, I could put something together!

Thanks for reading!



sounds a lot like a lootcrate type idea, but they often just send some merch based on the flavour of the month (space anime, military anime, etc) I probably would join, if the price was right, but as it's full shows and merch, it would probably be expensive, if it was giving you a volume of manga instead of blurays, then that would bring the price down most probably, more people would join maybe. cons? never been, not sure what to think of special events


Hay there Captain,

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, loot crate do seem to have a good thing going on, but I agree that the flavour of the month thing may not be as good as getting a box of new and interesting manga.

Just as an idea, it could maybe be a scale. You can have an anime DVD, a volume of Manga, and some Merch each month. Or, if you are just interested in manga, just a volume each month. Like a three tick box deal... that could work!

Thanks again!



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I've never understood the whole "Give me random things that I might hate for more money than I would have spent on it" boxes but I wish you well.