Code Geass Season 2 set for Spring 08


After looking over ANN(thanks to melonpan for pointing it out) and animesuki forums, its been confirmed that Code Geass season 2 is set for a spring 2008 release, which is great news!
Apparently newtype japan's january edition out on the 10th is to confirm all this 100%. There is also a scan for it too which shows zerowho may not be lelouch according to whats been said and Suzaku with a cape. It also shows a new character who is apparently called Rollo. ... pring-2008

and the scan:
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Baka Ranger
Yay, First to hear the news from Arby [and melonpan] on the IRC. Can't wait to see what these changes are all about.
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thought i'd post the list for the english cast of season 1, thanks to ANN.

Lelouch: Johnny Yong Bosch
C2 (CC): Kate Higgins
Kallen: Karen Strassman
Suzaku Kururugi: Yuri Lowenthal
Lloyd: Liam O'Brien
Tohdoh: Steven Blum
Bartley: Peter Spellos
Clovis: Dave Wittenberg
Emperor: Michael McConnohie
Shirley: Amy Kincaid
Milly: Julie Ann Taylor
Nina & Sayoko: Kim Mai Guest

To me this seems like a pretty strong cast, and bosch seems to be doing quite a few big rolls recently. hopefully he does this one well.