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I was thinking it would be quite cool to create a chatroom that even guests can enter

That could get more to actually join :)


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Hopefully the staff won't mind me posting this, but we have a chatroom-type thing on Discord. You should be able to join as a guest without an account, or you can hook it to a Discord account if you wanted. Admin Rui said on Twitter that it wasn't restricted to forum members, so you could invite friends too.
Can you give me a link to the one belonging to this site (if you or @Rui doesn't mind)?


Completely Average High School Student
And cool cuz I have other friends from other forums too

I'll do it later though cuz I'm travelling rn!
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Sorry , I thought that link directs you to a website but you need further credentials I have to ask rui

So, that code is valid for the AFUK chat group? Okay cool thanks!
You're right sorry, I think it's because I generated the code and not an admin. Hopefully this link should work without needing you to log in. Just give yourself a name to post under and it'll take you straight there.

If you have Discord already running on your laptop, close it from the icon on the taskbar (the window alone won't do it - Sorry, but I've no idea what the Mac equivalent of this is), then load the link and you should be able to join without connecting your account.