ChaosHead & Stein's Gate


Dandy Guy, in Space
I have ChaosHead and plan to watch it fairly soon but I've heard there's a link between it and Stein's Gate which is out later this year so I could wait for that if needed.

So, without spoilers please, is there a link and if so which should be watched first or doesn't it matter?


Professor Irony

The games on which they're based form part of a loose trilogy, but really I don't there's any significant story link between the two. Chaos;Head was released first anyway, so you're all right.


State Alchemist
They technically share the same setting (C;H taking place in Shibuya, S;G starting a year later in Akihabara), but for reasons that will become obvious once you watch the shows this isn't particularly relevant to your enjoyment of either. The events of C;H have taken place as far as the characters of S;G are concerned and there are some minor references to the "Shibuya incident" and such, but you could easily skip the (mediocre) anime adaptation of C;H and go straight to the (excellent) S;G.