Celebrity Big Brother 2006


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Anyone watchin this years celebrity big brother ? I am, and it rawks ^_^.
Anyone who is watching it, who do you want to win ? I say Pete, he's funny lol


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nope the idea of wathcing a load of washed up fame seekers doesnt appeal to me its nuffin personal mate but big bro is the wrost thing on tv id rather watch dallas than that ****


Oh come on, Dallas wasnt that bad was it. Ive never actually seen Dallas but I have heard of some of the ridicules plots they had, but it still cant be as bad as Big Brother can it?

Who shot JR
Dream season

Come on thats classic plot work that is LOL 8)


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I watched a few minutes of it, before realising that in doing so I was giving a bunch of has-beens attention that they didn't deserve. Not my sort of thing at all I'm afraid!

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I get can away with watching trash TV because it's a major part of my degree :D I don't like Big Brother as much as I'm A Celeb... but, hey, it's something to watch! Lol

Maggot to win! Although Pete'll probably get it because he's the strongest character in there. George Galloway is irritating... I'm hoping Maggot DOES lose it and lays into him... Now THAT'D be TV worth watching!!!

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Ickness! I hate it!! Usually I dont mind BB, but these guys are jus tards. Has anyone heard of what Pete Burns' lips are made of?

Thank god Jodie Marsh has gone though, couldn't stand her, cept I think people were waaaaay too harsh to her. Im glad shes so against bullying, but shes a bit of a hypocrite seeing as she says all those things about Jordan.
I cant say much more or I'll probably be banned for being offensive >><<


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Well at least someone likes it (where's my cow) lol, and you're right, it is something to watch, in an age when there's so much crap on TV.
But on bb I hate it how they put so many gays/lesbians/transvestites on it, would be better just to have some-more normal people on it, but overall it seems to be getting better and more interesting in terms of tasks and the stuff they do =P


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well i think they over run these sort of programs i mean 2 or 3 series mabay but when they do them over and over again it just gets borin!


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Big brother is a waste of time!
Who wants to watch a bunch of celeb people in a house!!!! Well not me i dont wanna waste my time on those freaks!!


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i kinda agree with people saying tv is utter shite cuz ive got sky right the full package expect sports all the sports i watch i can download so thats sorted so lets say ive got 800 channels well nearly 200 are radio about 5 are exactly the same like we have bbc1 but if you go back up past the adult channels its there again and ther rest all have ****** stuff on but i couldnt be with me takeshis castle i dont care how old it gets hearing him sayin wazzak i just laugh every time


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I usually enjoy the celebrity versions but this one has been a real bore. I thought the point of putting celebrities in was that they'd actually have some sort of personality!

And that Chantelle has to be the most annoying person on the planet. It's almost as if you're watching a "spot the brain cell" competition!


i have never watched big brother..i don't intend to either...it really isn't that interesting...sending a bunch of people into a house just to watch what they do? isn't that just like prying into other peoples business?...i mean there is no excitement in watching what people do in a house day by day..and then sending them packing after a week...pointless

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It makes you wonder what kind of people DO watch it, if it's only me and Fowler who'll admitt (unless everyone secretly does watch it but keeps it quiet... Probably not a bad idea! Lol :wink: !


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where's my cow? said:
I think I may have crossed a line... I voted :(

lol even though i like the show i aint voted on it since the one with nadia cos i really, really didn't want him/her to win, but he/she did >.> lol

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There was no turning back for me, I voted AGAIN last night... I wanted Maggot to win, but, alas, it seems that my 2 votes were not enough.

Still, 3rd place is obviously the coolest, because Jimmy Osmond came 3rd in I'm A Celeb... and he was my favourite there.

I'm fairly tempted to audition for BB next year... :? SAVE ME!!!