Can't login on mobile


Thousand Master
I don't know if I'm the only one having this issue but the reason I haven't posted much since the forum shift is because whenever I try to log in on my mobile (android-chrome browser) it just loops back to the login page when returning to previous page after the successfully logged in page & going back or clicking a forum topic or header doesn't keep me logged in. Clearing the cache etc also doesn't solve it & chrome is up to date.

I could get another browser I guess but space is tight on my phone & I'm always at the limit, plus I'm invested in Chrome now with bookmarks etc.


Karamatsu Boy
That's weird; I am posting from my mobile now so it might be browser specific. I've changed your default theme to a different one as a test. Does the same thing happen on the older theme?

If so, do you happen to have your Android version details handy?



Thousand Master
Thanks I've managed to log in this time (posting this from my mobile) I did just turn data savings off too just on the wild off chance that it was having some effect.

P.S running android 5.1 (stock) on moto G phone (original) latest chrome update.