Cannot buy import Blu Rays on (Debit card declined despite buying something on Amazon)


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For whatever reason my new debit card (lost my old one) doesn't work on UP1usa (united publications) despite buying a Blu Ray on Amazon. I keep getting emails via united publications telling it still doesn't and they think it is a fraud. I have even been able to withdraw money so I don't know why this is happening

Card information still not accepted by card company.
Who issued card?

USA Publications/Kizar
Sent by: United Publications
15/08/2019 10:13
Re: Payment Declined?Link

New card information submitted not accepted by card company.
Please check card information is correct?

USA Publications/Kizar
Sent by: United Publications
14/08/2019 15:06
Payment Declined?

Dear Matthew Caddis,

Thank you for ordering the following titles:

DVD [UK] - High School Dxd Hero Season 4 (Hyb) Blu-ray
DVD [UK] - Golden Kamuy Complete Season 1 (Hyb) Blu-ray
DVD [UK] - Saga of Tanya the Evil Complete Series (Hyb) DVD / Blu-ray

I regret that the Bank has declined your card.

Please use the 'My Account' option on our website to check and update your card details if needed.

We will keep your order on our processing list for the next week, if we get a Change Request from you in that time we will retry your order.

Please note while we try and keep items aside for you, if stock is limited and there is high demand it may not be possible.

Looking forward to helping you again in the future.

Shadow Cat

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You need to contact your bank (Visit branch preferred) and ask if your new card has been blocked for international transactions

And ask them if there was any transactions that failed on those dates UP1 emailed you


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I would suggest contacting your bank to see if they're blocking foreign currency transactions (although I got that BS response from my bank even though I'd had successful foreign currency transactions go through before).