Call Of Duty Black Ops + Hidden Extras


Loving this game got the last copy in my local tesco store

Its amazing well worth getting, the graphics are cleaner story is well put together and there are HIDDEN GAMES including:

Zork and Dead Ops - Below is how to play them

When players press start to access the menu, they'll find their character tied down to a chair in an interrogation chamber. Players can move the right thumbstick to control the camera.

To break their restraints, players quickly tap the left and right triggers alternately to escape. From their, they can explore the room.

To find the hidden games, turn left and walk around until you spot an old computer sitting on the right hand side, then hold X (or square for PS3) to use the computer.

Type "DOA" and unlock Dead Ops Arcade, a top-down, twin-stick shooter which offers a classic take on Black Ops' Zombie mode.

Also, players can type "ZORK" to unlock the text-based adventure title Zork I: The Great Underground Empire.

When playing the second zombie map, ‘Five’, simply find and activate the three red telephones and you’ll hear a complete version of Eminem’s ‘Wont Back Down’ song over the airwaves.