Burtkenobi's sales


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Delurking... Some sales because my landlord is planning to sell the flat and I'll have to move again in a few months.

Will be adding to this thread as I uncover stuff.

Australian Bu-ray region B:

Penguindrum 1 and 2 - £15 ea or £25 for both

Region 1 old DVDs

Nadia - Secret of Blue Water original ADV complete release in two boxes including the movie and some soundtrack CDs - £10
Reviewed here mainly so you can see the ugly packaging

Noir - original ADV release with the big collectors box - £10 (back when you bought each disc separately and 1 had a box to put the discs in)

Region 2 DVDs

Yukikaze 1 - £6

Haibane Renmei 1 and 2 (MVM) £4 ea