British/Uk dubbed animes

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  1. GolGotha

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    I thought urusei yatsura was a sub only release :/
  2. Ath

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    Hooray! Another chance for me to post Angel Cop Condensed! NSFW by the way.

    Many of these old 90s MangaUK releases will have dubs recorded in the UK, featuring copious amounts of swearing, punched-up dialogue and bad American accents, I love em. It's just not viable for a UK distributor to produce their own dubs anymore unfortunately.

    There is plenty of British voice talent out there working on video games though. I would love to see an English anime dub with the cast of Xenoblade or The Last Story, they had truly terrific dubs.
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  3. st_owly

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    My dub pipe dream is Victorian Romance Emma dubbed by a British cast, including getting a proper Yorkshire lassie to play Emma, as that's where she's from.
  4. Cold Cobra

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    Ha, I still have the Angel Cop double VHS set somewhere in a box. That was nostalgic... and much worse than I remembered! :)
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  5. Ian Wolf

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    I believe Arrietty has seperate dubs for the British and American markets.
  6. Ath

    Ath Pokémon Master

    Ahhh yes, the British dub of Arrietty was really well done.
  7. Shiroi Hane

    Shiroi Hane Dragon Knight

    The BBC did a few episodes for some Japan weekend they were doing. It was somewhat of a gag dub featuring Matt Lucas.
    Look on YouTube for "Lum the Invader Girl".

    The most recent dubs actually done in the UK other than Arietty are Musashi (which is more like an animated documentary and was recorded somewhere in London by Manga), Professor Layton (Side UK) and Millennium Actress (Village Productions). Other recent "UK" dubs like Space Show and Innocence were dubbed in the US. A lot of old titles dubbed in the UK used American ex-pats anyway, in order to make selling to the global market easier.
  8. Ath

    Ath Pokémon Master

    Oh cool, I didn't realise the Layton movie was Side UK. They're the studio responsible for recording the English voices for Xenoblade, The Last Story and more recently, Ni no Kuni. They do terrific work.
  9. Shiroi Hane

    Shiroi Hane Dragon Knight

    They did the Layton games so Kaze (thankfully) went to them for the movie.
    Never played any of the games or seen the movie though..
  10. Dan

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    I have that and a few single VHS releases (don't ask) and the R1 DVD, possibly the funniest dub of all time. I love it :D
  11. ConanThe3rd

    ConanThe3rd Railgun

    There's that one dub of part of KO Centry beast but it doesn't beat the US Dub because it took it having the US 4kids cast and ran with the ball (a lot of Pokemon jokes were made, it was sort of glorious).

    Technicaly speaking, isn't the GITS2 dub brittish?
  12. Shiroi Hane

    Shiroi Hane Dragon Knight

    Only in that British money paid for it. It was recorded in the US, like I mentioned earlier.
  13. Kaede

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    Steamboy had An English dub and no subtitles. I lasted 10 minutes before turning it off it was so awful.
  14. Just Passing Through

    Just Passing Through Guild Member

    I like that dub, actually prefer it to the Japanese audio (that was available on the LE extended edition), I think it was the novelty of having people cast in the roles that actually suited them, Patrick Stewart and Al Molina as the elder members of the family Steam, it made me overlook the 'Ullo Guv-iness' of Anna Paquin as Ray.

    But, the Japanese audio has Anne Suzuki (Returner) as Ray Steam which is a reason to watch the movie with subs too.
  15. Rui

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    Top post removed as it was a spambot in disguise. Please be assured there was originally someone asking for British dubbed titles and the people in this thread are not just replying to thin air.

  16. ilmaestro

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    lol, this thread just gained so much entertainment value.
  17. mikezilla2

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    dos anyone has a complete catlouge listing of all these UK dubs ? would be intresting to go over them all just for fun iv heard many of them over the years

    and it is a Shame that we dont get those Dubs anymore .........

    i mean its mostly just in the US now right ?
  18. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Thousand Master

    I believe most english dubs are created in America, and there are also some created in Asia by Animax for countries like Singapore (These Animax dubs don't generally leave the region so you won't hear them often).
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  19. cudwieser

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    First one I could find. Should be fun to pick the bones of this. What you'll likely find as others have said in the bulk of 'UK' dub is actually US dub. By and large the UK market has been an afterthought to the US and most of what we've had until now are US releases. Also the voice pool is quite small and has been for years. You still get British voicing, but usually from the same people if a character is to be British. That is why a lot of 90's to early 2000's anime have nearly the same pool of very talented actors for dubs. Finally Dubbing still hasn't expanded much due to a greater demand for subs (and their cheapness compared to hiring extra staff for translated voice work). As it is English dubs are as rare as hens teeth and about 90% of that is US dubbing.

    Have it on DVD. Great anime regardless. If you really want cheap dubbing you need only look to the daddy of them all, Fist of the North Star. The synch was atrocious at times and the subs were crazy. Still a brilliant anime.

    Oddly one of the better dubs was for my pal here in Riding Bean. Yoemex seemed to put the effort in at a time when dubbing was an afterthought.
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  20. Captaaain universe

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    I believe ocean dubs were British based, but that ran halfway through Dbzs freeza saga then the studio collapsed they just couldn't afford to do it anymore, despite doing something that was big in the West. Finding those episodes now is all FUNIs release