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I went to the mcm expo @ telford last weekend and i came across a british artist called "Naniiebim" who produces her own stuff and i was really impressed with her artwork. I had never really considered looking at home grown manga before as i guess i just made the ignorant assumption it would be poor quality. I bought a few of her books and they are awesome! She has a reall unique almost sketchlike style. I thought it would be the sort of thing alot of you would like, and I was wondering if anyone else had come across some home grown talent that was worth looking into?

p.s. her sites if anyone is interested in looking are,

Professor Irony

Ah, I didn't recognise the name at first - I bought a book from her at last year's D-Con. I like the style of her art and it's a quality printing too.


Monsieur Monster
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Ian Wolf said:
One notable UK based manga publisher is Self Made Hero, which produces amongst other things the Manga Shakespeare series.
Yup, I own the Manga Shakespeare Othello; I really like Iago's character design, but some of them are weird (like Roderigo is a dog wearing armour, Othello has wings and Cassio has a fox tail).

I also remember seeing one of their titles in Borders (before it closed down T_T) that was actually signed by the artist, who lives locally...can't remember which one they illustrated though; 'twas the one that had the characters like fishmen.