British 'Manga' - Eagle & Battle Comics


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Does anyone remember reading the Eagle Comics and Battle Comics?

I know this may not be officially classed as Manga but the different variety of character designs in the different variety of stories in the two comics are just as interesting and influencial.

What was everyone's favourite British 'Manga' Comic Artist?

My favourite British 'Manga' Comic Artist is John Cooper who worked on both Battle and Eagle. He did the character designs for Johnny Red (Eagle), Tarantula And The Webmasters (Battle & my favourite comic strip story by John Cooper. This was a side story to Storm Force), various Roy Of The Rovers stories, Action Force (Battle, taken from semi-anime series), various MASK stories (Eagle, taken from semi-anime series) and loads of other different stories in various comics. His style was like a cross between Takao Saitō and Yoshiaki Kawajiri.



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Ah yes, Battle. That, and Victor, were my first foray into comics. Johnny Red and Charley's War were my faves, Joe Colquhoun's artwork was something special. I'm now collecting the GN releases of both :D

I read Eagle only occasionally. Odd really, as I was into sci-fi back then, but never really liked the strips they ran in Eagle.