Britguys Anime on BD/DVD sale


Za Warudo
Hi guys, this is my new updated OP, anything already sold is at the bottom of this post.

Blu-Ray All Region B/Free unless stated in ()

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete *First Print with FFXIII trial version demo* £20+£2 P&P
Basilisk £13+2 P&P

DVD All Region 2 unless stated in ()

Darker than Black Series 1 £12+£2 P&P
Durarara Volumes 1 £11+£1.50 P&P
Gakutsuou Complete (1) £11+£1 P&P
Hell Girl The Complete First Season (1) £11+£1 P&P
Speed Grapher Complete £12+£2 P&P

Ergo Proxy: Individual Geneon releases Volumes 1-6 (1) and Volume 1 LE bonus disc as well as LE pencilboards with volumes 3-6. Please note, these volumes have been thinpacked, but the covers have not been trimmed so they will fit in a regular DVD case if you wish to transfer. £25+£3 P&P


Wings of Honneamise BD/DVD set
Baccano BD Set
Samurai 7 (A)
Freedom Limited Edition Bandai Boxset
Durarara parts 2&3


Dandy Guy, in Space
Might be interested in Gakutsuou Complete. Do you have a photo or a link to the edition you have?


Za Warudo
Hi, It's the save edition. Nice slipcover, two slimline dvd cases(iirc). I'll get a pic up tonight when i get home from work.