Baka Ranger

Now that's settled, Bo^7 isn't hilarious it gives me a few good laughs though, funnier than Gintama easily when people are all "IT'S HILARIOUS xDDDDD" No it isn't Gintama is painfully unfunny. But that's another story.


School Idol
Excel Sga was awesome, how dare you besmirch its fine name...Bobowhatever's not that great in my opinion but any show that brings us the amazing Doctor Kabapu is amazing by my standards.


Karamatsu Boy
I'd buy this if it was out in Manga-style sets subbed. Love the characters from Jump Ultimate Stars but haven't been curious enough to try much more.

I also like Gintama actually, though I'm becoming convinced it's squarely aimed at girls despite its origin. My husband can't see why I find it so fun either.

I saw one episode of the Bo^7 dub but dubs tend to leave me cold no matter what the series.



Baka Ranger
I like it, really. Its not something that you can just watch, though. The humour seems to grow on you, and annoyances that were present in the beginning (Beauty's over-exaggeration, etc) get less irritating and you just seem to fade 'em out.

Gintama, I like, as well. I hate it when the characters get emotional over at character that you've know for about 5 minutes. I still find Gintoki and the Shinsengumi hilarious. Chome Chome. The "Benizakura" arc [The serious one] is really, really good!