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Anyone around here reads Blue Exorcist? I did enjoy a lot the series and it was a shame it ended that way when it had so much to give. Great characters, fighting scenes, visuals and good music, made me want to know more about it so i have started to read it a few weeks ago.



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I'm kinda in an odd boat here. I didn't enjoy what the anime did all that much, but after going to the manga afterwards I've quickly become a big fan of the series. I really enjoyed the movie as well and the soundtrack that had.


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I've read a few of the volumes (and am following the current arc in Shonen Jump) and am not sure how I feel about it - feels like it's very up and down in terms of tone. The manga starts out generally light-hearted, but the current stuff is properly dark. Feels at times like it's one of those series where you need to be really clued up on the lore/backstory to properly 'get' it.

That said, I adore the art style, and some of the characters are brilliantly done.


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I've got up to Volume 8 and when reading the first part I found it kind of so-so and picked the volumes up really slowly. Then after the point where the anime diverged I started to find it more interesting. I found myself picking up the volumes more quickly and I've just ordered Volume 9-11. I'm really looking forward to reading them!
Just as a note I much prefer everyone's reactions to the truth about Rin in the manga to the anime.
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