Blaize's Anime Sale


Decided to start a single thread for any items I have for sale etc
  • I'm based in the UK but will ship International so long as the shipping is covered.
  • All releases are Official.
  • Postage is between £2-£5 for each item for UK Buyers, multiple items may be more.
  • If you are interested in anything just drop me a PM
Sales/Trade List
Pictures Upon Request

[Funimation R1 DVD]

One Piece Collections 1-8,11 Brand New and Sealed

[Search List] i.e Looking to Buy
[ADV Films] - Neo Tokyo
[ADV Films] - Plastic Little

[Anime Limited] - Aldnoah.Zero Part 1+2
[Anime Limited] - March Comes In Like a Lion Part 1+2
[Anime Limited] - Rokka Brave of the Six Flowers
[Anime Limited] - Silver Spoon Season 1+2
[Anime Limited] - Welcome to the Ballroom Part 1+2

[Discotek Media] - Chi's Sweet Home
[Discotek Media] - Chi's New Address
[Discotek Media] - Demon Lord Dante
[Discotek Media] - Earl and Fairy
[Discotek Media] - Great Mazinger
[Discotek Media] - IGPX Immortal Grand Prix
[Discotek Media] - Lupin the III: Part II - Set 2-4
[Discotek Media] - Monster Farm

[Funimation] - Code Geass Akito the Exiled
[Funimation] - Death Parade
[Funimation] - Disastrous Life of Saiki Part One
[Funimation] - Disastrous Life of Saiki Part Two
[Funimation] - Heroic Legend of Arslan Season One Part One
[Funimation] - Heroic Legend of Arslan Season One Part Two
[Funimation] - Heroic Legend of Arslan Season Two
[Funimation] - Momotaro: Sacred Sailors
[Funimation] - Seraph of the End Season One
[Funiamtion] - Seraph of the End Season Two
[Funimation] - Space Dandy Season One
[Funimation] - Star Blazers 2199 Part One
[Funimation] - Star Blazers 2199 Part Two
[Funimation] - Star Blazers 2202 Part One

[Manga Entertainment] - Blue Exorcist Vol 1+2, Movie, Kyoto Saga Vol 1+2
[Manga Entertainment] - Landlock (R1 Version)
[Manga Entertainment] - Occultic;Nine Vol 1+2
[Manga Entertainment] - Tokyo Revelations (R1 Version)

[MVM] - Cells At Work
[MVM] - Granblue Fantasy Vol 1+2

[Viz Media] - Hunter x Hunter 2011 Set 4
[Viz Media] - Hunter x Hunter 2011 Set 5
[Viz Media] - Inuyasha Season 5 Single Keepcase set
[Viz Media] - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S1,S2,S3

[Asian Cinema] - Sayonara Jupiter
[Asian Cinema] - To Live DVD
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st_owly (witch)

I would've killed for that Planetes manga a couple of years ago but I have the Dark Horse editions now... Can I have Gestalt and Angel Sanctuary though please?


Added Okami San and Her Seven Companions LE (I want to replace this with the standard non artbox release so thats the price I'm looking for)
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Captain Karen
I have Okami san's standard edition of you're looking to trade. Slip cover has a little bit of wear but aside from that it's in good condition. Interested?