Blaize's Anime Sale


Decided to start a single thread for any items I have for sale etc
  • I'm based in the UK but will ship International so long as the shipping is covered.
  • All releases are Official.
  • Postage is between £2-£5 for each item for UK Buyers, multiple items may be more.
  • If you are interested in anything just drop me a PM
Sales/Trade List
Pictures Upon Request

[ADV Films R1 DVD]

Excel Saga Vols 1-5
Maizenkaiser Complete OVA Collection £15
Neo Ranga Vol.1 w/Artbox
Sakura Wars TV Vol.1 w/Artbox

[Aniplex of America R1 DVD]

Silver Spoon S1+S2 Collections
Oreimo S1 LE DVD Collection
Oreimo S2 LE DVD Collection

[Bandai Ent R1 DVD]

Gunbuster OVA Collection

[Bandai/Crunchyroll DVD]

5cms per second (White Cover)

[Funimation R1 DVD+Blu Ray]

Desert Punk Vol.1 w/Artbox
Fractale LE
Hellsing Ultimate Empty Artbox
Michiko and Hatchin Empty Artbox
*RE Zero Season 1 LE w/Artbox and sealed extras (Both parts inc) RESERVED
Robotic Notes Empty Artbox

[Discotek Media Region Free DVD]

Demon City Shinjuku
Golgo 13 The Professional
Saint Seiya Movie Collections 1+2
Samurai Troopers TV and OVA Collections w/slips £40
Space Adventure Cobra the Movie
Tekkaman Blade II OVA
VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fresh w/slip
Wicked City w/slip
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st_owly (witch)

I would've killed for that Planetes manga a couple of years ago but I have the Dark Horse editions now... Can I have Gestalt and Angel Sanctuary though please?


Added Okami San and Her Seven Companions LE (I want to replace this with the standard non artbox release so thats the price I'm looking for)
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Captain Karen
I have Okami san's standard edition of you're looking to trade. Slip cover has a little bit of wear but aside from that it's in good condition. Interested?