Best MMO you had played?


So let's talk about MMORPGs. What's the best MMO you had ever played and why? A lot of MMOs came out over the years and I'd like to know which are popular and memorable.

For me, it's Black Desert Online, my first open world MMO. Cheers to the devs; they just released a Remastered update and the graphics are bloody awesome. Check it.


hahaha BDO ha... BDO is a game that focuses solely on its graphics to the point its end-game suffers for it. Pass

The best MMO I've ever played in terms of time played, and my enjoyment would probably be Final Fantasy XIV

Runner ups would be -
  • Ragnarok Online
  • Fantasy Earth Zero
  • Guild Wars 1


Karamatsu Boy
Final Fantasy XI, the only MMO I quit because they stopped supporting my platform rather than because I got tired of it.



I think, because i've been playing it since it first started, i have to say World of Warcraft - i've been through thick and thin with my character, top 10 in leaderboards for best warrior in Wrath of the Lich King, and just been through it all. It's definitely lost a lot of what made it really stand out, but it's still solid for what it is. I still need to give more time to Final Fantasy XIV - but i can only really afford one mmo at a time currently, so will see what happens.


Combat Butler
Only MMO i've ever really put much time into was Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, and I think the only reason I stuck with it for so long was because it's a Final Fantasy game. I've actually just picked it back up very recently due to all the chat in the sites discord, I enjoy it well enough.


Thousand Master
Final Fantasy XI occupied a huge wedge of time in my life. It was very hardcore and unforgiving in the early days (you lost xp for dying) & it practically forced team work to gain xp at a reasonable rate.

I've never met a friendlier or more helpful community and travelling the world felt epic, especially returning to Ranfaure after a prolonged period away and hearing the area's music.

Downloading updates though was hellish even on my 128k modem (56k was still the norm)

Sadly an inferior but more accessible game came out (world of warcraft) and player numbers bottomed out. I tried to migrate to that community but it was damn Awful.

Not so mmo but I also spent an ungodly amount of time on phantasy star online versions 1 & 2 on the Dreamcast and then again on the original xbox then finally the pc.


Vampire Ninja
I'm currently back playing World of Warcraft at the minute, I'm enjoying the new expansion so far though the people not so much, too many elitists, it is the main thing I don't like about World of Warcraft. I think my favourite mmo I've played was probably Star Wars the Old Republic.