Barakamon Simulwatch and Calligraphy learning.


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Simulwatch to begin September 1st at one episode a day. This is a twelve episode anime series so we will be done in time for Shiki.
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I'm gonna really try to do this one as it's one of my favourite series, absolutely loved it (would recommend sub over dub but dub wasn't bad tbf) :) Naru is just the most adorable lil' scamp 🥰 🥰 🥰
Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I liked to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a island called Goto

In west Tokyo born and raised
In the studio was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shootin some Ink outside of the school
When a couple of critics who were up to no good
Started making trouble in my exhibit
I got in one little fight and my agent got scared
He said 'You're movin' out to a rural town in the islands of Goto'

This is a rewatch for me so it was nice coming back to it, I own the Blu-ray before Anime Limited lost the license so it's a good one to own as well. Anyway as you would expect from the first episode we have the set up, our main character can't take critisicm and lashes out resulting in the situation he's in now. We do get a bit of slapstick humour to offset Handa's "straight man" thanks to Naru and her laid back childish nature. Classic comedy duo set up. And honestly I love the quirky nature of these villagers, which also had an immediate effect on Handa.

Though depsite the shenanigans it lays down the foundations of the message the show wants to tackle. Y'know maybe don't freak out if someone say's something critical or challenges your perspective... Twitter, I'm looking at you... And so Handa's redemption arc begins.
I'm not gonna always do this, but I will do this episode in a series of pics of my fav moments in this episode :)

This is just the setup episode so I'm getting to learn that people on the Island are crazy nosy and locking your door is no guarantee that people can't get in. #IslandLife.

How to Live on an Island:

Step 1:

Punch old critic who can't walk without a cane


Step 2:

Arrive on an island with very little going on. Fook U airport!


What is this thing? I hope there aren't more of them?


The scenery is really nice


I'm beginning to see how she got back in, there was 3 of her all along.


Need some aloe vera for that sick burn :D


Time to cool off I reckon


It's a metaphorical wall, just climbing it won't actually fix your calligraphy


Someone needs to put this kind on a watchlist


Maybe it was the butt poke that fired him up?


All in all quite an enjoyable intro ep, I like the artwork, and the general theme seems to be one of positivity, which is sometimes quite nice as a break between heavier shows.
Gotta climb the wall. Very on the nose metaphor there!
I pretty sure I watched the dub when I watched it last and I seem to remember finding Naru a little annoying, but ultimately endearing. I can't check because it seems Funimation only has the sub available.
She sounds fairly normal in the sub, maybe a little wise above her age. Obviously some of that is the writing, but she was played by a 9 year old (as opposed to a 33 year old in the dub!)
Loved the moment when everyone came to help out.
I’ve watched the first episode before, I think the blu-ray was on sale and I wanted to see if I would enjoy the series. After watching the first episode again, I can remember and see why I bought. That was a great first episode, it was funny and light-hearted.

Some of my favourite moments are the same as @Lordhippos

Two things are for certain, 1. I can't wait to watch the rest of the series and 2. I want to live on an island now.
Yeah, I looked it up on mal to see if it was actually a kid because it sounded genuinely like one. Turns out it was! And yeah, she was 9 when the anime came out.

The brat is instantly adorable! Loved the feel-good vibe, the setting and that opening punch. The ED is beautiful. Feels good to watch this stuff, here's hoping this doesn't pull a usagi drop manga ending on us or I'm throwing up 👌
It only took me 2 years to take the plastic film off this blu ray. Physical backlog now down to 37 😑

That first episode was adorable and genuinely funny. I can already tell I’m going to enjoy this.

I actually prefer the dub here because I think the language localisation is done quite well and makes the dialogue feel more natural to my ears, particularly Naru who actually talks like a child in the dub…even if the actor is 33 😅
Usagi Drop anime and manga are alternative routes guys. The Anime was the good route.

People always say "just don't look up the manga ending" but they just shouldn't bring it up in the first place! The series itself was amazing.

Barakamon manga might have ended the same for all I know...
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Episode 2



A lesson about overworking yourself, though I would've thought he would have wrist problems being a calligrapher before anything else. Also anyone else get the impression the nurse WANTS the guy to flirt with her seeing her reactions?

The whole overworking phenomenom though is a quite a problem for peoples health though and is a mainstay in Japanese society for cultural reasons I can never understand. But it does happen in the west, you may have heard of crunch culture in the video game industry as a major example.

This was the main theme I took away. The episode still had it;s fair share of comedy and sitcom style situations.
Episode 2

I'm really sorry this is kind of late in the day, I got sidetracked and only sat down to watch the episode an hour or so ago!

Starting to learn their names, the kid is Naru, the MC is Sensei. Wait that's probably not right, but for now that will do. Always takes me 2-3 eps to get the names going properly in my head, which isn't great when the whole thing is only 12 episodes long.

Some funny twists in the story which I liked. For instance the guy (again name escapes me) was adamant that was the last meal he'd bring him, and left vowing to bring him another that evening. Naru jokingly said she was Sensei's commuting wife I think it was (a bit too close to the conversation yesterday about Usagi Drop @João Gomes @Vincentdante @Neil.T.

The overarching lesson here does seem to be about talent and working hard, and I guess how working hard alone does not make you talented, but talent does not mean you don't need to work hard. In any case, work, work, work until you drop. I feel this is a big cultural thing where overworking yourself into hospital is more common somehow than we see here.

I knew the very second that old man showed up that he was a ghost!