Banana Fish episode 9


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I'm still not sure why Ash is choosing Eiji over other people, he's known him for a few weeks! How long has he known Shooter!?

I could think of at least 3 different people in that room I would have put that bullet through rather than Shooter in that situation.
I believe it’s because he feels guilty due to eiji being a innocent bystander till Ash made him go on that mission when he was in prison which entangled him in it and the romance is kinda obvious too Ash fancies him.
He also wanted to save shooter as they said the drug would make him insane his whole life like his brother so I feel he mercy killed him.
Yeah, I can see that. Although I can't remember if there is a cure. I know the doc looking after Griffin couldn't help, but they have the doc who invented the stuff there.

I guess as Ash is the protagonist in a fiction where you know he's (probably) going to survive the situation somehow and (probably) get his revenge on the 3 people later down the line anyway. So is playing the long game.

A normal person might have chosen one of them knowing that they probably aren't going to get out of the situation alive anyway. Although I doubt a normal person would be in that situation in the first place 😄
I imagine if you're thinking short term, as in, you probably are going to shoot the drug crazed attacker over the innocent boy on the floor, even given the circumstances.