Bakuman Teaser Trailer

Genkina Hito

AUKN Staff
A teaser trailer has been released on the official site for the live-action adaptation of the manga <em>Bakuman</em>. Viewers can see the actors Takeru Satoh and Ryunosuke Kamiki play Moritaka Mashiro and his friend and fellow aspiring mangaka Akito Takagi. We also get a glimpse of the heroine of the story Miho Azuki who is portrayed by the model and rising actor Nana Komatsu (<em>Close Range Love</em>, <em>The World of Kanako</em>).


Takeru Satoh should be familiar to Asian film fans from his performances as <em>Rurouni Kenshin</em> in the three recent live-action adaptations. Ryunosuke Kamiki starred alongside him but has developed a great career of his own as a dramatic actor as seen in <em>The Kirishima Thing</em>. Also seen in the trailer are the actors Lily Franky (<em>Like Father, Like Son</em>) and Takayuki Yamada (<em>13 Assassins</em>). Another incredibly talented actor, Shota Sometani, plays Moritaka and Akito&rsquo;s rival Eiji Niizuma.

The film is directed by Hitoshi One, a director who came to prominence with the live-action dorama and film <em>Moteki</em>. His last film, <em>Be My Baby (Koi no Uzu)</em> will be released in the UK next week.

The film gets a theatrical release in Japan on October 03rd.