AVATAR - 3D gaming comes alive


Went to the London Expo last weekend to check out the latest games coming over from Japan and got to play what i can only describe as a truely remarkable game, a game that brought back the feeling of new, like the first time you played on a console or got to see graphic quality jump from the SNES to the Playstation.

I am talking about AVATAR, a 2D/3D game (both versions will be on the disc), and it works the 3D actually works, when you play it looks like the character is standing on your side of the TV screen (its a 3rd person shooter) the jungle environment looks deep and heavily layered and when a beast runs at you it actually runs at you leaping out of the screen infact part of you doesn't want to kill it you just wanna keep dodging it so it will keep attacking.

Downside is that you will need a special TV that supports 3D rendering to be able to use this fucntion or a graphics card that supports 3D game play for the PC verison, but trust me the first time you play this you will have a fan boy grin going from ear to ear


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McIcy said:
Went to the London Expo last weekend
Came all the way here and didn't care to say hi? =P

Anyway, I've seen that game and I've seen that 30 minutes footage shown a couple months back and I must say the technology behind it is amazing, but the plot in case of the movie seems to be lacking. In the case of the game, it's hardly and issue though.


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Does this 3D stuff work for the sight impaired? I always hated them glasses they gave you in the cinema, as they require that you have two fully functioning eyes. :(


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Sh*t, you've just realised there's 3D games? Are you still playing on your SNES or somehing?

(I'm not funny at all) :p

Do you need to wear 3D glasses or something? That would be so awesome, the 3D game, that is. Like, seeing cut-scenes and stuff, and fights... :)


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There's a Toy Story attraction in Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida, and its like a shooter but its in 3D so your on this moving car going around shooting at screens which seem to have real depth to them and its awesome. Anyway, they brought out a Wii game a while back (minigames) based on the ride and that's 3D as well. There seem to be a few of them floating around. I don't get the point of 3D games... it sucks even more if I like to observe games more than play them.