AUKN Cosplay Thread


School Idol
Thought we'd have a simple, no-nonsense Cosplay thread for once (Here because it won't fit anywhere else on the forums).

Few rules we all should follow before we start:

1. All images must be formatted as so:

Example said:
Image of cosplay
OPTIONAL: Notes about said cosplay
2. Don't be a dick. Or be a creepy pervert. Or cause drama. Or make flimsy justifications for any of the last three I just posted.

3. No embedding NSFW cosplay. If you must, just give a direct link instead. **

Just follow those simple rules and we can all have a good time.

Let's start off with some images I stole from Reddit.

Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim), Cosplayer's House (I think)

No, that's not Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

General Grievous (Star Wars), London MCM Expo

I doubt that's the cosplayer's legs.

* = If you don't put the location of where it was taken, we'll just assume you have no idea where it was taken.
** = No, this doesn't give you an excuse to post porn.


Death Scythe
The male ones are the best Misty's. Some girl literally MS painted stuff on here to look like Misty *raises eyebrow*

I've never cosplayted but even now I still want to cosplay a Borderlands Psycho (can't afford an Etsy mask which are the best and there's no more like rubber ones available for a decent price) and also cosplay Snorlax (I can't find a blue "bubble"/"puff ball" dress aaaaaanywhere). Oh well, maybe one day.


School Idol
Someone actually posted here? And it's not AF17?

Speaking of Cosplaying wishlists, I've wanted to cosplay as Harvey Birdman for some time and while I know what stuff to get (Suit, Yellow shoes, Wings coloured Sky Blue, Wolverine-like mask, Purple Eagle1, Bear2, etc) the only thing stopping me is my build (Too scrawny) and my height (Half a foot too short). Still, I think I can manage.

Anyway, Nerd Underground's taken pics at the first day of MegaCon.

1 = Just kidding about that. Seriously, birds of prey are a bitch to train
2 = See 1, but replace birds of prey with bears