AUKN Character Battle Round 1, Match 5: Hinagiku/Nonon

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Karamatsu Boy
Another evil match-up for those who are fond of pink-haired ladies. Sorry, this week is cruel. Actually this whole event is cruel.


1. To vote, reply in this thread and include a very clear statement of intent as the first line of the post e.g. "My vote is for CHARACTER NAME".
2. If you need to change your vote, edit your original post to remove the line and add a new post to the thread with your new vote.
3. It's ok to discuss other things in this thread too, just make sure you follow rule #1 for your actual vote.
4. It's ok to have fun :)

Voting period: From now until 23:59 on Sunday 24th May. Votes posted after this time will not be counted.



Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate the Combat Butler (Hayate No Gotoku!)

The student council president who is terrified of heights, it's Hinagiku Katsura! Vote for Hinagiku-sama because she's better than you, and you know it.

Nonon Jakuzure from Kill la Kill

"What do you mean you don't know who I am? If you don't, then you must be one of those sports-brained monkeys, because Satsuki-sama has given me a place in her Elite 4, where I watch over the non-athletic clubs; you know, the ones for smart people! Regardless of whether you vote for me or not, the competition will be pummelled cheerfully, jauntily and utterly one-sidedly!"


My... vote... goes to... *twitch-twitch* Nonon Jakuzure.
Rui!!! What the hell?! Damn you for making me decide between these 2?! And You're mean - Making poor charming, modest and helpful Hina-chan sound like a pompous donkey. And special treatment for the member of the "Other"* Elite 4 I see, letting her use her a mic to speak from?

Well in terms of fighting potential - Nonon will blitz Hinagiku in a fight on even ground and sound mentality. However, Hina has the ability to power-up with rage and is a swords-master. Both are smart and are in high-caliber positions of their school. But one also has an army behind her as well as some heavy equipment.

Their bad points - Pink. Pink hair. Anything Pink is evil..... So who is best at being evil?
*The true Elite 4 to me will always be Ryomou, Gakushu, Saji and Kannei/Sonsaku (Ikki Tousen).


Karamatsu Boy
Nonon, and the character intros were user-submitted (perhaps Nonon submitted her own nomination? Hmm!) :D



Straw Hat Pirate
No idea who either of these characters are so I'm gonna go for Hinagiku seeing as I've watched like an episode of Hayate The Combat Butler.


Nonon has a voice best described as sounding like an alto sax, which is pretty sensual but Hinagiku is probably cuter, so obviously I'm going to vote for Hina


My vote goes to Nonon Jakuzure - Not seen either show yet but I will see Kill la Kill when the 3rd part gets released.


State Alchemist
After the extremely scientific method of punching their names into a Google image search and going on my gut feeling, Nonon.

This flippant approach is going to come back to haunt me later, isn't it? Oh well.

Rui said:
this whole event is cruel.


ilmaestro said:
Hina, not even close to being close.

edit: Chaz you massive massive traitor.
Oh, come on... One can fly and the other has my flaw - Afraid of high places. I'm gonna go for the one that can help me! :D Besides, one can only be a school council rep for so long, but beating out a bass, cello or conducting an orchestra is...


Za Warudo
My vote is for Nonon, but only because I dunno who the other girl fact I was tempted to vote for Hinagiku because honestly, I'm pretty neutral on Nonon, not really a fan.
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