AUKN Character Battle Round 1, Match 31: Marika/Light

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Karamatsu Boy
Another odd couple.


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Voting period: From now until 23:59 on Sunday 2nd August. Votes posted after this time will not be counted.


Marika Tachibana from Nisekoi: False Love

Marika Tachibana is the only real choice for her Raku-sama's heart - they are betrothed after all!

This sweet, charming, dedicated and entirely honest girl wouldn't even dream of using her connections as the police chief's daughter to manipulate her Raku-sama or your vote! Although it would be a strange coincidence that the police would find out what you did if you don't...

Light Yagami from Death Note

Light Yagami...

The God of the new world who delivers true justice.


Mad Scientist
As much as Light is a great character, Marika is just so darn cute, so I'm going for her.


Thousand Master
I'm voting for Marika.

I found Light somewhat disappointing, he had potential to take an interesting path that you very rarely see in any story but instead they chose a simpler option. It doesn't exactly make him a bad character but on a personal level I couldn't like the real Light as much as my theoretical one. I may need to re-watch the show at some point to try and engage with it on it's own terms rather than what I hoped it could be (I do usually try to avoid that but for some reason it didn't work with Death Note, could just have been bad timing).

I haven't actually seen Nisekoi yet.


Karamatsu Boy

That picture of Marika is adorable but I can't help but suspect I would want to write her name in a Death Note myself if I had watched enough of Nisekoi to meet/remember her.



Straw Hat Pirate
I don't think I'll make many friends by saying this but I thought Death Note was pretty cat. I haven't and will never finish it.

That means my vote goes to Marika.


State Alchemist
Gotta be Light. I might not particularly like him as a person, but as a character he's a lot of fun to watch.
Durial666 said:
I don't think I'll make many friends by saying this but I thought Death Note was pretty cat.
Nothing wrong with a bit of pretty cat. Dominion Tank Police, for example.
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