AUKN Character Battle Round 1, Match 27: Touma/Akatsuki

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There's only one more week of round 1 battles after this one! Three sets of one-on-one fights need your votes today.


1. To vote, reply in this thread and include a very clear statement of intent as the first line of the post e.g. "My vote is for CHARACTER NAME".
2. If you need to change your vote, edit your original post to remove the line and add a new post to the thread with your new vote.
3. It's ok to discuss other things in this thread too, just make sure you follow rule #1 for your actual vote.
4. It's ok to have fun :)

Voting period: From now until 23:59 on Sunday 26th July. Votes posted after this time will not be counted.



Touma Kamijou from A Certain Magical Index (Toaru Majutsu No Index )

Touma is the main hero of A Certain Magical Index. He possesses the mysterious 'Imagine Breaker' in his right hand, which is capable of negating all forms of magic, esper powers, and other divine abilities. This, according to the nun Index, even includes his own good luck as they are the blessings of God. (However, don't feel too sorry for him, see the next paragraph!)

He has a very strong desire to aid all those who are in need even if it means putting his life on the line, and will not hesitate to challenge an opponent who is several times more powerful than himself. Because of his willingness to help others unconditionally, he has attracted the affections of many characters in the series, which one such girl, Himegami Aisa jokes about, stating that his life is like a dating simulation where he is bound to unlock more paths to more girls. And boy, does he have a lot of girls interested in him...

Akatsuki from Log Horizon

The ninja fighting the war on Panties.


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I'm voting for Akatsuki anyway, because she's the better character, but what's with that description? It's almost as though the person who submitted her wanted her to lose.


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Akatsuki for sure. She's just the most adorable thing, but also has many hidden depths too.


Captain Karen
I'll go Akatsuki based on that incredible description. I haven't seen either of these yet but I've been planning on for a while.


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I'll vote for Akatsuki.

Also based on the description, short and sweet. Bonus points because it contains the words "Ninja" and "Panties", two of my favourite things. Like I have time to read a whole two paragraphs about some guy.

I may not be entirely serious (or perhaps, many a true word spoke in jest?).


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I am dissapoint... This is why you should all vote for the mighty Touma *warning - contains spoilers of characters who have not appeared in the anime yet...*

Touma sighed as he looked out across the sandy arena at his opponent. A bead of warm sweat slid down his face and stung his eyes, causing him to blink slowly, making his usually morose expression look somewhat dull.
“Damn my rotten luck. Whichever Magic God is behind this stupid tournament really does hate me. A ninja of all things. I can’t face normal steel…”
His opponent was warming up, doing acrobatic flips and making sharp movements with her equally sharp-looking blade. Objectively he had to admit she was rather cute though.
But not my type. I prefer the busty dorm-manager trope myself. Still…
With another sigh he clenched his right fist. “Here we go then..”
As Touma raced forwards the Ninja moved, her hair blowing in the warm breeze. She was fast, very fast, and Touma barely dodged her first strike, instinct taking over.
From the stands behind him came a voice “Come on Kamijou! Don’t you dare lose to that girl, or you will make me, the Railgun of Tokiwadai look bad!”
The speaker was a young girl of middle school age in a plain-looking school uniform. Sparks were flting from her brown hair and her eyes were fierce.
Touma dodged another blow from the blade and was then doubled up by a kick to his stomach. Wheezing he stumbled backwards and managed to glance at the speaker. “Have’t you lost already Biribiri? To that guy with the gun…? I don’t think you should be lecturning me…”
“I… I… well shut up!” she shouted, sending a massive discharge of electricity towards him, which he barely batted away with his right hand.
“This is why you should stay away from Touma…” said another girl in the stands, a short white-haired girl wearing an fancy white and gold habit, held together by… large safety pins? “You can’t control your temper. Not like me.” She declared angelically. “I already know that Touma will win. Else he’ll owe me ten puddings. A day…!”
“Is this really all you can discuss, Misaka declares incredulously.” Another girl said, looking the exact double of the first girl who spoke. Behind her were … 49? … more identical versions, all wearing miliray goggles. “Misaka-10032 had to get very lucky winning the draw lottery out of the sisters to be one of the fifty allowed to watch. Nearly 10000 can only see through us, and you are distracting him, Misaka chides firmly. See, he is in trouble, she points out the obvious.”
Touma tried to shut out their annoying voices and palmed away the sword that came at him. Luckily it must have had some sort of magic to it, as it shattered like glass. However his counterattack was easily avoided by the pretty ninja, who darted away and pulled more steel.
“Really, you’d think he would be doing better…” a young girl of maybe twelve, with a hugely aristocratic bearing and a wealth of blonde hair spilling out over her artful black and white clothing. “After all, this is a man who can beat the most powerful opponents the world of magic and science has to offer.”
Beside her an older girl snorted. She was maybe fifteen, and was wearing some sort of alcrosse uniform, only spoiled by the fact a metallic tail was peeking out from under her skirt. Her expression wicked, she turned to her companion. “Come on Birdway, don’t worry. When he wins I’ll reward him as he deserves. The conquering hero requires compensation after all.” Her tail twitched, lifting up her skirt. “Not that you could ever offer him anything he wants. He isn’t into…” she paused maliciously, eyeing her up and down. “… little girls.”
“You coven bitch, Lessar!” Birdway snarled, snatching her magic wand. “Major arcana! Chariot!”
As the seated area erupted into a pitched magic battle Touma was bemoaning his luck, dripping blood to the sand from numerous close calls. Winning was going to be almost impossible, as every time he broke a blade he took injury and she just produced another one, as if out of some huge hidden storage…
“You can do it, Touma!” called an embarrsed voice, echoed by an even more shy opne “Go go Kamijou!”
He reflexively turned to see what was happening, only to pause in shock as he saw the saint Kaori Kanzaki and her Amakusa church follower Itsuwa dressed in the famous Ero Angel Maid and Ero Devil maid outfits respectively.
“What the hell are you doing?” he choked, turning nearly as red as they were.
“Tsuchimikado said this would help you win…” Kaori muttered.
“And you still haven’t leared he loves messing with people?” Touma exclaimed. “Then…” he paused, as a blade slammed through his side, nearly hitting major organs. He stumbled away, hand shattering the blade that came for his throat, but he knew the injury was bad.
“That’s it. The world is doomed if he loses!” Declared a woman wearing a long witches style hat, a cape and… what could be best described as not much else other than a rique bikini. She was waving a spear in the air, the expression in her one eye that wasn’t hidden behind an eyepatch best called murderous.
“I, Othinus do declare that Gungnir shall blow away this world.”
Beside her a small pink-haired girl was trying to assure her that this was a bad idea. Another girl, a hig-schooler by appearance with massive breasts, suddenly materialised out of thin air and took up the cause too.
“I… I really think that would be a bad idea…” she stammered shyly. “Listen to Miss Tomoe. Touma has protected the world so many times, he would hate to see it end now…”
“Thanks Kazikiri…” Tomoe said gratefully, somehow managing to grab the spear…
“Pathetic…” another young girl said, her face and ears completely full of piercings, a cross dangling on a chain rom her tongue. She was wearing a revolting mustard-yellow outfit decorated with crosses. Behind her were a large group of nuns, the leader a short, readheaded young girl. Of course, someone should have told them that such an outfit wasn’t supposed to include teeny-tiny miniskirts. After all, this wasn’t the Roy Mustang round.
“Indeed. He showed much more fight against us…” the red-head said, as Touma staggered and almost fell. “It is almost over…”

Touma looked up as his opponent closed in. Suddenly she stopped moving, her eyes glittering with stars. It was very strange, but Touma wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. He however, was one who was prepared to smack a cute girl in the mouth. Clenching his fist he snarled out a few hard words. “You think that you can win this? Well then, I’ll shatter that Illusion!”

As the cute girl hit the floor hard, making no move to dodge the punch a girl hiding her voluptuous and frankly ridiculous body for the schoolgirl she appeared to be under a robe lowered the remote control that she had pointed at Akatsuki. Her own eyes full of stars she grinned. “Don’t worry Kamijou-kun, Misaki will always be here for you, whether you know it or not… “

I could so have added more girls... anyway, Akatsuki is cute and all, but just have faith in me and vote Touma! Don't upset all these cute and dangerous girls!
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Za Warudo
I dunno either of these characters, but I vote for Akatsuki, because "The ninja fighting the war on Panties" is enough reason for me, I also like her design tbh, she looks awesome.

Ryo Chan

Voting for Atatsuki because......

It's my description and seeing the voting so far.........

kuuderes_shadow said:
I'm voting for Akatsuki anyway, because she's the better character, but what's with that description? It's almost as though the person who submitted her wanted her to lose.

It worked didn't it :D
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