Astro Empires opening new game server!


Straw Hat Pirate
Yes the online game I love so very very much is opening its third server on Sunday (20th) and I want to invite you all to come and play!

It’s a Real Time game of space strategy. Building bases, fighting intergalactic wars and taking part in incredible battles for domination! Currently on beta we are in the middle of a 'Good' vs 'Evil' war with over 2,000 players! The game is very addictive and if you want to can help you get your foothold.

It’s free so what have you got to lose? Sign up on Sunday for server 'Ceti' and give it a go. Drop me a line and I will give you a hand developing your bases so you can develop faster. :D

Website – Astro Empires!


Death Scythe
I think I'll give this a go actually. This is a kind of game that actually uses ones brain. I can't afford to get addicted to it though so I'll just give it a go. I've created an account on the Alpha server to try it out, but when the new server comes I'll hop onto that one : ) Thanks for this Butch ^^


Straw Hat Pirate
If you guys join / joined give me a buzz ingame.

Alpha - The United Mankind
Beta - Earthshere Alliance
Ceti - The Federation of Hania