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Aria The Masterpiece Manga (1-7) Bundle
Only 4 days left to pre-order this apparently final re-print of the entire “Aria” manga. I heard this is a really good series. I am thinking about getting it. The blu ray of the first anime season comes out in the UK soon from MVM too. Anybody read this? Is it worth the cash? (It’s over $160 for all 7 volumes plus shipping to the UK)


Wow that's my first time seeing something like this, it's pretty nice that they are reprinting it due to fan's demand. It does cost a lot though especially as an import, but seems like something that would become near impossible to find later. Especially here in the UK if it was only available as an import.

If you have the cash to spare and think you'd like it, I reckon it'd be worth buying and trying it, if you didn't like it I'm pretty certain you could sell it for the same amount you paid afterwards. Assuming the demand is there, I don't know much about the series but it seemed that way from the description.
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I would say it's worth it, but I haven't seen or read anything of Aria, despite it sitting on my shelf for years. As @CommanderZx2 says, the volumes are really high quality and look very nice on a bookshelf. That alone is worth something, right? 😅

In any case, I'm really glad they are reprinting them. I only had volumes 1 through 3 and sort of forgot to buy the rest. Was worried I would have to buy over priced second hand copies or give up on getting them all.

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I've read it and the reputation is deserved. It's funny, thoughtful, beautiful art. One of the best slice of life for sure.

If you have the cash to spare it's a worthwhile investment. You could always read it and sell it in the future. It is a very popular series and if this is a limited edition set then it's value will surely only increase.


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I decided to take the plunge, so I've preordered all 7 volumes. It's not released until May next year, so I'll probably not receive it until June. I wonder if I'll have forgotten about it by then?


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I've already got volumes 1-4 and 6-7 and really enjoyed what I've read so far. Given how expensive it's become through sites like eBay this really is the best option if the series interests you. Real disappointing that Tokyopop hasn't done much in the way of digital releases. Shame that this'll be the last way we'll get to experience the series outside MVM's upcoming Blu-ray release.