Anyone use Tumblr?


Za Warudo
Over the past 5 years I have used loads over social networking sites. Myspace profiles became too messy with ridiculous amounts of songs videos and pics all on one page and then it died, Facebook is too god damn boring to look at and I have never felt the attraction to Twitter that others have.

I stumbled upon Tumblr when it was still an upstart and was a mish mash of too many things to be useful so I avoided it, but a couple of days ago I visited and found it had undergone a pretty big revamp since last I remembered, and it is pretty awesome.

Anyone on here use it. I feel like reading other anime fans pages, though mine is not about anime yet =p

Mines linked in my www button


Baka Ranger
I have one, but never used it. I use Twitter, and I love that, so I don't think I'll be in the mood for Tumblr any time soon. I use WordPress for blogging. The one social networking site that I would love to be apart of, honestly, would be LJ. It's just a freaking lot of hassle to keep all that stuff up, so I shan't.

So yeah, 140 characters, lots of links, humour, news and stuff is for me. Twitter!


State Alchemist
I just saw this for the first time the other day (Go me! I hate the internet, what can I say). I actually think it looks pretty neat, the way it links everything together (who re-tumbld this, or whatever). Can I actually be bothered even with this low level of effort for a blog-type thing, though...