Anyone interesting in buying or trading FLCL manga?


Thousand Master
I have FLCL #1 and 2, both in great condition, for sale or trade. I am willing to sell either for £4 or both for £7, including postage.

If you feel like trading, I would glady for any of the following:

Rurouni Kenshin #8, or #9 too if you want both (US releases please, I've been collecting them and like to keep collections flush)

I doubt people will want to trade more recent releases, but just in case, I'm also looking for Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories #1 and Buso Renkin #2.

Feel free to offer me any other trades, I'm always up for new series. Just don't be stupid and offer me volume 14 of a series I've never heard of before =P

I'm a trustworthy seller, feel free to take a look at my ebay feedback: ... TRK:ME:UFS