Anime UK News Review of 2020 Part 1: Manga and Light Novels


Thousand Master
There already were several authors with multiple light novel releases in English - ignoring stuff from the same franchise (however loosely connected) and releases from before the tokyopop collapse and seven seas pulling out of the market, there's NISIOISIN, Kawahara Reki, Kamiya Yuu, Kanou Arata, Akatsuki Natsume and Morita Kisetsu all of whom had multiple series out and in print, as well as others (FUNA, Yukiya Murasaki) with one physical and others with digital only releases, plus others (Ichiro Sakaki, Gatoh Shoji) with multiple series only available in digital formats.

So it isn't really something new, but it is definitely good to see the number of such authors increasing.