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Death Scythe
Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

As some of you know my younger brother is also into Anime, but his taste differs from mine 99% of the time, so I'm hoping some of you could be able to help me find some series that he would like, as MAL's recommendations are to be taken with a pinch of salt...

Series he enjoys:
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Azumanga Diaoh
Tamako Market
Lucky Star
Yuru Yuri

Thankies :D
Chunibyo and Free! offer some more KyoAni inconsequence, although Free! is aimed at a female demographic.

4-panel yuks a la Azumanga Daioh...


General moe-ness with a storyline... Hanasaku Iroha


Death Scythe
I have managed to get him watching free actually, knew I had forgotten something on that list.

Thank you for the recommendations :)


Strike witches, perhaps?
Airing this season, there's c3-bu and Kin-iro mosaic, the latter containing ungodly amounts of moe.


Death Scythe
haha! I shall let him know!

I actually suggested that to him, he watched the first episode on Funi's channel, but I think the dub put him off it. But if you recommend it I may try and find a copy for him to try.

I've come across these, which seem like they may be suitable for him - would anyone else agree?

The World God Only Knows
Clannad After Story
Baka and Test
Strike Witches
Angel Beats
Mayo Chiki
Squid Girl

And Girls and Panzer, whenever it gets licenced over here.

Edit: haha, few seconds too slow. I will add Strike Witches to the list then.


Dandy Guy, in Space
As it's mostly highschool comedies then:

Bamboo Blade
Negima (season2 is wonderful but an acquired taste)

Slightly different but maybe worth considering:

Gunslinger Girl
Burst Angel
Corpse Princess


Death Scythe
Haruhi was on my list, hopefully season 1 will get a rerelease.

Thanks for the recommendations, I will check them out :)