Anime =/= Manga


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Have been browsing manga and watching anime for a while now and have been noticing that if a successful manga or anime series comes out the opposing media comes out with a version.
The one l have just enjoyed is the manga version of Rahxephon. Which is different in so many ways often it seems like they just borrowed characters and the GDR and tagged it on to an entirely different idea, only a few of the plot elements seemed to be even vaguely the same. Not that either of them were bad, just so different that they really didn't deserve to be called the thing.
For the Raxhephon l prefered the main body of the anime series, but the ending of the manga. Pity they really wouldn't mix.

What are you opinions on this?


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The anime is based on the manga (and many times very loosely!!) and so far I have only found one anime and manga that are almost the same which is Hana Yori Dango. Even though most of the plot is the same, there are still many variations, the biggest similarity is the character design.
The biggest changes are with Sailor Moon, as nothing but the actual character names are the same!!
I like the variations and design changes, as if there were no differences at all, I wouldn't bother with the mnaga version of anything!!

I know Pretear was an anime first and then a manga and I think there are a few others like this but I don't know which ones! and of course there are some that are based on novels and ocassionally these get turned into a manga and sometimes a novel gets turned into a manga only!! (Only the Ring Finger Knows is a novel, that then had a manga adaptation!!).

I think the most precise manga & anime is with Monster. The character design is the same and the story from what I can tell to this point, is the same. I have briefly looked at the manga, trying to decide if it's worth reading up to where I've seen the anime but honestly it is almost indentical, so I may not bother!!