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I haven't really discovered the world of Manga web comics yet, though I've visited 'Mega Tokyo' a few times. Got any recommendations for a sci-fi fan?

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Megatokyo is about the only one I regularly check out, that and <a href="" target="_blank">PVP</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Dorktower</a>, but I don't know of any UK based web comics, sorry. I don't really keep tabs on many things as I've got too much to keep track of already.


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subedii said:
^ I'm not sure what you mean about the back issues thing. You can start reading the comic from page 1.
Personal thing, l like to have a good number of archived pages so l can get an idea of style, plot, characters etc. Last time l looked it was only round issue 40-50
Webcomics are great. Some of my favourites include:
Megatokyo - everybody knows this one
Errant Story - a fantasy comic by the creator of classic American ecchi parody Exploitation Now
No Rest for the Wicked - A fairytale style comic. Not in anime style, but still great.
Remen Mythology - Again, not manga art, but still an excellent story.
Then there's the comedy ones, like 8-Bit theatre, VGCats and Van Von Hunter.

My favourite, however, is Dominic Deegan, a wonderfully dark fantasy starring a seer and featuring wonderful manga style art. [/url]