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Totally against type, at the start of the year I brought the 80s/90s Universal Century OVAs, Char's Counterattack, F91 and V-Gundam from the States, thinking that if Anime Limited did get back into Gundam it would probably be stuff like the promised 00 or Wing, and more modern UC stuff like Unicorn. Turns out I was off on Char's Counterattack (and I wouldn't be surprised if the same is said with F91) but I'm happy to fork over money for the local Wing and 00 deluxe sets so the few thin US blu-ray cases in the middle of the lovely collectors sets don't look so odd...

and I bloody love Gundam. That too.

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Discogs say there isn't a Vinyl release for A Silent Voice OST so really nice this is going to happen and yep I'll be buying

I dont know much about FLCL so cant really justify buying it

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I've just read Just Passing Through's review of Maquia on myReviewer, and confirmed that the subtitles on AL's release are locked, but they are softsubs, compared to Shout's release, which had the subs burnt in to the print.

Another thing he also stated in the review is that the DVD version is released in native PAL with the 4% speed-up, making it the second DVD release by Anime Limited to be released in PAL rather than the usual NTSC (the first being 009 Re:Cyborg, but Madman handled the discs in that case, making Maquia the first one authored by @Anime). I'm guessing it's down to reverse importation fears, and the fact that it's a restriction imposed by the licensor, Hakuhodo DY MaP (which is why Anime Limited would normally release Hakuhodo DY MaP titles BD only).


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I’ve been Dj’ing for years with both Vinyl and Digital / CD equipment as Trance is a passion of mine. I can tell you that sound quality-wise, CD’s and Digital tracks, be it FLAC, AAC or MP3 (320Kbps) are fundamentally better in a quality sense as they are clean and condensed. However, Vinyl in general and more so on Technics £500+ decks are great quality - no way as clean, but allow you to hear a far-wider spectrum of sounds and nuances as per the original recording - it’s like a metal track is better heard in Vinyl as everything will be heard.


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I didn't really enjoy IBO so I don't particularly care for owning it.

I'd rather them get through all the UC stuff tbh.

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First of all let me say 'yay, more Gundam!'. Second, let me get this right, after 12 months+ of nothing because they didn't want to announce anything without a firm release date to gets peoples hope's up then potentially miss the date they instead announce EIGHT releases (00 1+2+deluxe, CCA, Wing 1+2+deluxe, Bandit Flower) with the vague release date of Q3/Q4 2019... what!?!?!

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If Char’s Counter Attack is the 4K scan and original audio mix, I’m down. If not, then I’ll go for the newly announced Japanese re-release (which I’ll probably do anyways).

Also, Turn. A. Gundam. If I’m gonna import any UK Gundam release, it would be that.


The Turn A Gundam ship seems to have sailed. Its sub only and very not popular.
As it seems the DE are following US UCEs I cant wait for the Seed Destiny DE


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I'm interested in the ASV vinyl, but the "available in all English-speaking territories" line has me concerned as a Dutchman.

Europe as well - English speaking is just fancy talk from me that it's coming to the USA as well without mad shipping prices :).

They said CDs too (for some like ASV). So if its vinyl only I'm pissed

There'll be CDs as well still, have no fear :)!


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I love Turn A but feel like it keeps getting pushed back because it kinda confuses things. It's pretty much stand alone but Tomino made it to be a bookend to Gundam, UC and the then 3 existing AUs.

I also still think Sunrise prefers them doing stuff like Origin and Thunderbolt because it's money back on more recent productions.


dos that also mean that its coming to Australia as well without mad shipping Prices ? :p and how many other things can we say that about ?

In the panel they mentioned working with local distributors. They specifically mentioned north American ones but I'd say it's likely.
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