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Bandai don't usually sell Gunpla - they usually sell Power Rangers stuff among others.

Also re Gundam, yeah that is a big gap. Still disappointed about how far we've fallen behind TRSI and we won't catch up until the next decade it seems :/.


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Have Gunpla not always been sold? The third-party vendors may be less than fully pleased.
Bandai have never done it though have been hinting for a few years. They have over last few years given a lot of focus to Sprukits, which were intended to ease customers in with kits of Western characters.

Actually wondering if this is in collaboration with Japan Cool, as they took over running the Tamashii Nations stand last time and Bandai have been pushing for greater import presence in foreign markets.

All interesting to consider in relation to the shows being released here.


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In the last Newswire AL said that the standard edition of Mai Mai Miracle will be released in June 19th and that pre-order listings should appear shortly.

As of yet it hasn't been listed on Amazon/Zavvi/AoL, but there is a placeholder listing in Anime Limited's own store stating a £24.99 rrp and a £19.99 pre-order price:

Mai Mai Miracle - DVD+Blu-ray combi


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Bandai released their MCM price list. The Gunpla is limited, random and badly priced- Bandai UK on Twitter

I would have expected some HG Wing kits. Especially as the SD kits they are selling are intended to combine with the normal versions.


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Just to warn you they're SD kits and look bad without a lot of work.



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It seems like you have some knowledge, where would be the best place to source Gunpla in the UK?
Truth be told I buy direct from Japan, hence my issue with pricing. They want £43 for Barbatos. The same kit costs £19 direct from Japan, minus a bit more for shipping and the gamble of customs.

I generally only use UK sellers if I'm at a con and they have something rare.