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Noooooooooooo ;_;

I wonder if this means something else is being added to the CE.

Sadly a lot of print work is delayed due to peak season - so expect a few of the Q4 provisional dates to move to Q1 as we adapt too (Escaflowne, Tatami etc remain same though).

That said, we have a huge booklet not present in the US set for starters (which is super cool by the by!)

Tearing our hair out here too!




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Can't say my wallet minds BBB being pushed back considering I'm after Your Lie in April next month.

It'll be a shame to see some of the Q4 stuff move though and I hope Anthem of the Heart isn't one of them.


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If I see Anthem of the Heart move to Q1, I might need to find a corner to go cry in.
You're not the only one that'll be crying in a corner. I'm still annoyed the theatrical release was so pitiful; I'd have loved to have seen it in the cinema, and I cannot wait to own the blu-ray.


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Aye that is a bit worrying. It's due out in a few weeks...

Looking at things that were due earlier in the year, we still have several titles that were intimated to be Q1/Q2, and still are missing:

Brothers Conflict
Riddle: Story of the Devil
Selected Infector Wixoss
Miss Hokusai

Q3 and Q4 are completely up in the air, must be fun in the AL HQ atm trying to deal with all these!

BEfore someone chimes in, i'll say it "Look at how many Gundam titles are available in the USA before we even have Zeta" :p

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I'll admit to being sad about Zeta Gundam, but hey-ho. If I wasn't used to UK anime releases being delayed by now it would be very weird! Rec in G coming in a box has me even more sad that I missed out on the original Gundam box though...


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Just moved my spreadsheet around this morning for anime releases / finances.
So about right I'd have to do it again :)
I am really getting annoyed of waiting on Miss Hokusai Collector's Set though. I am half tempted to just buy the standard edition now (as it's been only £14 on UP1 and in stock since May/June).

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Meh delays happen, seems like no UK anime company is safe. Genuinely thinking I should start my own print company and capitalize on this! I'm pretty sure AL & MVM use the same company and its just one guy in a shed somewhere trying to get all these orders done :'D

Gundam Rec G set looks great :) Any chance AL wanna say if there will be a pre order special??? :p

Also, I haven't been around since the site got fubar'd so may have missed a lot of things. Nerima Daikon: is it officially dead? can i stop chasing the dragon and cry myself to sleep?


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That's a lot of delays o_O I've said it all before at this point so not even gonna bother this time, I will mention I'm particularly annoyed about Zeta though.

Reconguista in G looks like a nice set, heard it was a trainwreck of a show but I'll most likely pick it up anyway. Tokyo Marble Chocolate has nice artwork but probably not a show for me.
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Boooo delays :(

I'm glad I read the news post though. The early bird for Free is like £10 cheaper than Amazon so just switched my preorder :)


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Not overly concerned with most of the delays, don't mind waiting a little longer for some of them. Zeta otoh, is massively disappointing. Considering where RS are currently at with their release schedule, I'm seriously considering just importing the rest here on out. :(