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@bakura You might want to rephrase that. While I get as frustrated by delays as anyone, no one is paying AL to engage with the community on these forums, so the least we can do is be civil.
Hi guys, sorry for the delay as I've been out of office enjoying some annual leave before my inevitable summer sale breakdown. Also thanks to @Jon O Fun for basically doing my job for me and saying exactly what I would have :) It's an early bird offer so the product isn't currently on hand, it's a special pre-order price before manufacturing that helps us gage interest and helps our marketing plan for the product before it's released.

Also I completely understand your frustration, but we're going through the same product delays that every UK company is going through and we absolutely want you to have the titles to you as soon as possible. No one enjoys announcing delays but it's an inevitable part of the process. Fingers crossed you get that chonky Gundam ultimate asap!


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A little upset about the lack of official clarification about Jujutsu Kaisen S1 Part 2 as if I knew that definitely was not gonna be up for preorder this week I would have bought the Memories CE at EB price. I acknowledge it's not the end of the world but :(

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Since when was there a Blood-C Collector's Edition, and what are the odds it will be in people's hands before the Ultimate Edition?
This is probably their scheduled 'normal' release considering the Ultimate was due in Feb? Mar?

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Couldn't they have used some different artwork on the box as compared to the Ultimate set? And are they using manga images or something for the box art? Saya doesn't look even remotely like that in the anime.


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Getting closer and closer to when CCS should be getting dispatched if it’s going to happen this week