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Nice to see SEED Destiny, there was always a thought in the back of my head that if the worst should happen the AL lose the Gundam license it would be really annoying to have only half of SEED on my shelf, despite not really liking Destiny I'm happily going to drop £120 on it at the end of the month.

"Despite not really liking something I'm going to happily drop £120 on it" ... What a weird sentence that is, when you think about it. Looks over at shelf with all the other (mostly) matching boxes on it ... Oh well!
You literally just described my entire feeling on the release 😂 I'm already too deep! I have no choice!!

Also tempted to pick up JJK parts 1 & 2 even if that logo makes it look like a knock off 😳


Ooh, Memories. I watched that years and years ago. A Blockbuster rental IIRC (kids ask your parents).
Would have liked to join in with the simulwatch, but didn't have a copy to hand. Now I, belatedly, put my two penn'orth worth in.


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I'll be grabbing SEED Destiny. Hopefully it doesn't have technical issues like the Rightstuf's fixed SEED discs have.

I hope they announce 08th MS Team soon. The sooner they announce it, the sooner I can decide whether to import the English subbed Japanese U.C. Blu-ray Libraries release or not. From what I've seen, Rightstuf's 08th MS Team release is just as bad as their 0083 release (lots of compression artifacts, 2.0 Japanese track downmixed from 5.1).

Got the U.C. Blu-ray Libraries release of 0083 Stardust Memory last week. It's a lot better than the Rightstuf/AL release, but downside is that the extras aren't subtitled.

Regarding defects of GSD Blu-ray release, found this in Blu-ray forum (message 5128) regarding audio loss in the remastered dub track. Not sure if there are more defects or not but at least I don't watch the dub version lol

Link: RightStuf to distribute all of Gundam in North America - Page 257 - Blu-ray Forum

Re: 08th MS Team. I don't mind buying the upcoming hopefully-to-be-released-this-year Blu-ray set as I already have the old Bandai US DVD set. It sucks that the Blu-ray release didn't kept the Japanese 2.0 track (correct me if i'm wrong) as I don't like the updated sound effects in this and 0083 :(


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it think someone said earlier that AL acknowledged there lateness with releases by selling a mug or showing a picture of a mug acknowledging it or something? can someone provide a link or something because i want to see this for myself!


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New drinking game! Each time a new delay gets announced, that's how many shots you have to drink the day you receive your set!
I'm pretty sure that encouraging people to commit suicide is against the law.

Anyway, the best news for me in this month's announcement isn't so much Seed Destiny itself, but rather that Bandai Namco have finally started returning AL's calls again.


Here's hoping for X, G, or V to be announced before the end of the year.


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This is probably a silly question (I've never seen Seed Destiny) - but why is it on both formats?
10 discs are dedicated to the HD remaster which will cover roughly 5 eps per disc. This has the new English dub.

2 discs are dedicated to the original version of the series, which has the Bandai dub and is presented in Standard Definition.

1 disc is dedicated to the Special Edition films, also presented in Standard Definition.

1 disc is for the 3 part OVA series CE 73 Stargazer.

Overall, both formats to provide the most content for new and older SEED fans.
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That's because it used to be MVM who fulfilled all of Anime Limited orders. :)

I don't know how Tony managed to survive, having to package and dispatch all of AL and MVM's order's, especially at Christmas time. 🤣
99% of it would have been all me, Tony helped with ones that would have shipped with parcelforce. Needless to say it was tough and I certainly don't miss it!