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Just got email to say Cardcaptor Sakura has been delayed to 25th July because of a transit delay.
Beat me to it. The full excuse:
You're receiving this email as you've placed an order for the Cardcaptor Sakura Collector's Edition from our store.
We're contacting you to make you aware that the release date of this item has moved to 25th July 2022.
Let's start with the exciting news - the manufacture of this product is now complete, with all physical components printed and discs fully checked, authored and replicated.
However, the bad news is that we've been struck by an unexpected transit delay of this stock into the UK which is outside of our control, and as a result we've needed to shift the release date to accommodate the new expected delivery date of stock to our warehouse.

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So much for being on schedule - AL really have dropped the ball with the release schedules and comms (c'mon guys, letting us know the last working day before release!) over the last year now...


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Got the e-mail as well but it is complete and as the e-mail said, it's out of their control and is only a few weeks to go now, I think I can wait a little bit longer, used to it now 😅 as annoying as it may be, better late than never.


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The issue is that it was only a couple of days ago that AL stated the release was still on track for the 5th. If it's now another three weeks until they have the stock then surely they must have known before today.


I think I'm just going to start mentally adding a few months to the initial stated release date on any AL CE preorders just to avoid this disappointment over each delay at the last minute.

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Heheh, maybe my Blood-C Ultimate will ship before CCS then, if it is still slated for the 18th... Nah, I'm sure it will be delayed yet again as well. Still keeping my hopes up for delivery before 2023... 😝
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I'm actually kind of glad it's been delayed - I've been thinking recently and I don't know if I even still want it, so this gives me some more time to decide if I want to cancel!